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This is the Smoke and Mirrors Campaign Wikipedia. This will be our campaign HUB which will hold characters as well as a bunch of our other information. We have a few features that are restricted but other than that this should be very helpful. Just add yourself into the character section after your added


Everything You Have Ever Known is a Lie

“History is a set of lies agreed upon” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Notable NPCs




House Rules

  • Players may not take the Destiny Merit. It is no fun for anyone involved.
  • Players must double check with Storyteller if any content from outside the Mage: The Awakening book is allowed.
  • Other supernaturals touched by the appropriate realm are considered sleepwalkers when witnessing the Arcanas of their realm when cast by a member of that path, or whenever any mage casts the subtle Arcana of their path. (Realm(Gross/Subtle): Supernatural)
    Acanthus(Time/Fate): Changelings
    Mastigos(Space/Mind): Vampires
    Moros(Matter/Death): Sin-Eaters
    Obrimos(Forces/Prime): Prometheans
    Thyrsus(Life/Spirit): Werewolves
  • Forensic gaze (Death 1): replace all instances of Vampire with Sin-Eater.