Smoke and Mirrors Campaign

Second Session

Things are starting! Distracted by french cuisine. Because we’re going to France!
Hephaestus doesn’t seem pleased. Theory break through in mage science! Remain ignorant for your own sake. It is better this way as war is about to be were declared. Apparently there will be no war. Apparently we’re the result of mage nuke level technology. Forcing awakenings is apparently serious and heavy shit. Zach also wants this to be a bit more serious. He gives us the run down. 2 opposing sides with Heph being an independant party. The opposing sides want to utilize this knowledge for their own ends, but Heph wants this to be recorded and never used. BTDUBS, this conversation takes place after about a week of us being in Paris.
We go to see the guy he told us to see (Meuri.) He’s a Sleepwalker! He explains the gist of sleepwalkerdom to us. Reminds us about the maguffins we’re here for. An object that helped Stalin, Hitler and Napoleon accomplish everything that they’ve done.
Meanwhile Obscure and Ailoria are at the Louvre, looking at art and things. Brick is updating them via text message. As Meuri starts to delve a bit more in depth on the maguffin Obscure starts feeling a weird pull towards a certain exhibit. Just a knowledge that something was there for a half second before the sensation disappeared. With that update, the rest of us wrapped things up with Meuri and left for the Louvre. As we were heading towards the Louvre, Obscure and Ailoria went towards the exhibit that was pulling at Obscure. It turned out to be Napoleon’s bedroom set. Being blocked off to keep people from sleeping in Napoleon’s bed, Obscure scried the bed to try and figure out what it was that was magically resonating. It turns out to be a small polished, silver hand mirror.
While Mike was scrying the mirror, the rest of the group showed up at the Louvre. As we walked in the PA went on. In french the only thing that we’d understood was “Mona Lisa.” And most of the people ended up congregating towards the Mona Lisa. Weird. Oh well, we move on to meet up with Obscure and Ailoria. AND WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO OBSCURE’S FACE. IT’S GONE! EVEN HIS GLASSES! HE’S GOT A FREAKY MANNEQUIN HEAD. But apparently he can still see, which is good. And he can talk. Ok. We ask what had happened and Obscure mentioned that he had peeked in the mirror and felt compelled to. Welp. None of us are looking in the mirror just to be safe. We went into the bathroom to try and sort out a way to get Obscure out of the Louvre without people freaking the fuck out over mannequin head. On the way in run into another mage who stumbles and asks us if it’s a witchmark. We go along with his story. After some creative application of hat and telling him to just hide his face we try to leave without raising a fuss. Success in leaving without raising a fuss. While hiding the mirror in a jacket.
We boogie on back to Meuri pretty quickly. We’ve made the assumption that the mask ate Obscure’s face. When we get back to Meuri 2 things of note happen. Meuri is astonished at how quickly we found it (hour at worst yo. Best maguffin hunters around) and he comments on how Obscure’s face is kinda superimposed over a mannequins. Like if you’re looking at an old hologram picture and it shifts. He chalks it up to that he’s a sleepwalker. Sleepers won’t see Obscures freaky mannequin head, they’ll see his normal face. It’s just the Awakened who can see what’s wrong. To protect the mirror I excuse myself and wrap it in toilet paper which I transmute to titanium. Because it’s all sealed up Obscure starts to demonstrate difficulty breathing. Oops, my bad. Back to toilet paper, shaped for breathing and pouring drink and food into it, back to titanium. Then Obscure actually tries to drink. And it works. What the fuck is going on here? We also checked and can’t feed him through the mirror. To cover up his facelessness Obscure just puts up an illusion to avoid putting everybody off.
Also note that Napoleon had some weird faceless mentionings in various peoples diaries near the end of his life. and stuff. yeaaaa.



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